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Patarker – Red Lea Chickens
“Wellington 3 Project”

In 2005 Patarker was involved in the complete fit out of 4 Pullet tunnel sheds, backup power system, plumbing, electrical, incineration, and alarm/network systems for the entire project for Red Lea Chickens.

The following key features of the farm are as follows;

• New Roxell Vitoo Pullet feeder pan with unique oval design to increase feeding space, improved feed distribution, easy management and much more.
• Patarkers new Plastic Cooling pads - Extreme durability, easy cleaning, with combined light trap. No need for blackouts to tunnel inlets for broilers, breeders and pullets.
• Patarker paging alarm system with independent backup system and mains failure reporting.
• Patarker generator backup system which enables each shed to come online as needed.
Township Site Earthworks Concrete Slab Installation of Trusses Roxell Vitoo Pullet Feeder
Ziggity Drinkers
Fancom Minivents
Roxell day silo assembly Titan Tunnel Fans Rear Pramac Generator Incinerator - Burn Easy 350Kg Capacity Main gas tank Almost Complete
Front - Main Generator with Main Board Patarker Cabinets - Installation Patarker Cabinet - Installation Continue Rear View Rear view with back generator Roxell Vitoo Pan
Front view Front view with Patarker Plastic Cooling Pads Top View of Wellington 3 Top views of Wellington 1 and Wellington 2 Water Tank  
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