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Latest Products
Breeder Kixoo / Pullet Vitoo Pan
• Optimal use of floor space with patented Oval pan design.
• Uniformity in feed distribution. The high capacity auger fills all the pans in the house simultaneously with equal portions.
• Separate feeding for hens and cockerels with inner and outer grill design for Kixoo breeder pan.
• Easy management and prevents feed waste.
• Durable. There is a 10 year guarantee on the complete pan.
Vitoo - good start from day one Kixoo Good uniformity
Kixoo pan with adjustable knob for hens/cockerels. Vitoo maximizing use of floor space
Patarkers New
Plastic Evaporative Pads
Patarkers new Plastic Evaporative Pads. The pads are a UV resistant Polypropylene and therefore very long lasting. Apart from being extremely durable the pads are easily cleaned with high pressure water.

• Extremely durable and long lasting
• Easily cleaned
• Water and cooling efficient
• Complete light blackout to tunnel inlet area

Patarker has installed the pads onto various farms over the last few years and the results are extremely positive.

Feeding Systems
Patarker Model 3000
• Available in 2" (50mm) 1-3/4" (44mm) & 1-7/8" (47mm)
• 4 Large Windows for quick Flooding
• Special Design grill for easy access for Young Birds
• Easy to Dismantle for Cleaning
ROXELL Minimax
• Available in 1-3/4" (44mm)
• 10 years Warranty. All plastic components are made of special high density polypropylene or nylon
• Easy to Clean and no feed waste
ROXELL Components
• Roxell Line Flex-Auger with 10 year warranty
• Roxell Control Unit with simple design and easy adjustable lug system. No grill on control unit ensures easy access for end control pan.
Drinking Systems
ZIGGITY Twin-Lock System
• Easy Maintenance
• Provides clean fresh water 1" (25mm) Round Pipe. Ziggity's BA Pipe holds high volumes of water. In fact a 10ft section of " pipe carries 31 ounces of water. The same length of Ziggity will carry 74 ounces. This is more than double!!!
• 1st 360 degree nipple used to start day olds
• Easy Assembly, snap-on equipment
ROXELL SparkLine
• Square Pipe with Nipple and Catch Cup 125ml/minute Feather-Soft nipple
• All drinker systems come
• Complete with round support tube
Fill Systems
• Ranges from 38mm to 94mm.
• Made of oil hardened steel wire with very high tensile strength
• Very Durable. 10 years warranty to auger
ROXELL Fill Equipment
• Available with upper twin and single boot
• 15 degree transfer plate which can be used as a choice of straight and 30 degree with the same boot
• Available with lower twin and single unloader boots
• Easy to use control unit with proximity switch and heavy duty gearboxes
Nesting Systems
• For free range range, barn style and broiler breeder applications
• Available in single 1-tier, double 1-tier, single 2-tier and double 2-tier
• System complete with high comfort, hygienic slats
• Solid waterproof wooden nests
• Bird Soft Expulsion system
• Labour saving
• Easy maintenance on system
HIRED-HAND Hot Air Heaters
• 225,000 BTU Heater available in Inside and Outside Mount.
• Also available in LPG or Natural Gas.
• Diagnostic light for trouble-shooting ease.
• Back-Up safety sail switch.
• High Temp aluminized burn chamber and blowing housing.
SPACERAY Tube Heaters
• One-piece cast iron burner
• 10-year limited warranty on burner
• Direct outside air for combustion
• 4" O.D. combustion air intake and vent
• Direct spark ignition system with step opening gas valve
• and 100% Gas Shut-Off Safety Control (pre-purge)
• Monitoring lights for visual diagnosis of maintenance needs
SPACE-RAY Spot Brooders
• 38,000 BTU Heater with over 30 years experience
• Available in LPG or Natural Gas.
• Also Available in a number of controller set-ups
• Stainless inoxemitter with aluminium reflector.
• Can be used with an MBC Controller to modulate the gas flow to a number of heaters.
• Available in 6ft (1.8m) diameter to 10.5ft (3.2m) diameter (3-32 tonne)
• 5 years warranty against corrosion due to 25% more galvanisation.
Roxell Silo Accessories
• Ladders
• Cages
• Feed-view windows
• Hopper valves
• Entry hatch
Winches & Winching Systems
Full Range of winches and winching system components-
• Range of electric winches and hand operated winches
• Electric winches complete with split drum and special grooves for cable to feed properly.
• Range of components including 2 pulleys, 4 pulleys, 3mm Cable Clamps, 5mm Cable Clamps, Truss Clamps to suit any size truss, adjustment levellers, 5mm Gal Cable, 2mm SS316 Cable and other associated hardware.
MTT Concept is an idea designed to suit the hard Australian climate. It has a unique 4-zone control concept that produces even climate throughout the shed within 1 degree from one side to the other. This leads to excellent uniformity in the birds, extreme low operational costs (gas, power) and aims to maximise performance at the lowest cost possible.
Minimum Ventilation.
Air flow through the mini-vents and chimneys. An option is also to use side fans as opposed to chimneys
Transitional Ventilation.
Air flow through the mini-vents, chimneys and introducing the tunnel fans and shutter
Tunnel Ventilation.
Air flow through the Cooling Pads and Tunnel Fans.
Fancom F38 Controller
• Very user-friendly user interface, graphical display (320 x 240 pixels), with variable menu.
• Unique 4 zone control
Fancom Bird Weighing Equipment
• The only proven accurate weigher on the market
• Independent growth monitoring system
• Gives a good return on investment
Fancom Chimneys including ATM Unit
• Airflow measurement to save heating costs
• Throttle Damper for optimal minimum vent control
• IP55 rated Fan Motors
Fancom Winches
• Compact Strong Winches
• Direct feedback to the F38 Controller
• Maintenance Free
Fancom 1450 Minivent
Up to about 65% of opening the air is only introduced via the upper part of the inlet and guided towards the ceiling. This avoids a cold air drop over the animals
Above 65% of opening the air is introduced via the upper and lower part of the inlet. With warm weather and/or heavier animals the air is guided directly towards the animals
Fancom PC Connection - Farm Manager
• Reliable production database
• Excellent graphs and other overviews
• SMS Alarm Technology
TITAN Tunnel Fans
• Available in 45,630 m3/hr (27000CFM), 54,080 m3/hr (32000CFM) and 59,150 m3/hr (35000CFM).
• Glass Reinforced nylon blades. Blades will never lose shape.
• Most efficient fans on the market
TITAN Circulating Fan
• Available in single phase and 3 Phase.
• 15,717 m3/hr (9300CFM) rated fan.
• Nylon Blades that wont go out of shape.
• 0.37Kw (0.95 amps) Motor.
• Complete with front and back guards
Cooling Systems
HIRED-HAND MegaCool Cooling Pad Kit System
• Continuous System up to 120' in length.
• Self Contained Resovoir.
• Available in Centre Mount, End Mount, End Mount Corner System and centre mount corner system.
Fogging Systems
• Available in Brass Nozzles for High Pressure 600PSI Systems.
• Also available in Plastic Nozzles for low pressure 200PSI Systems
Control Cabinets
• Powder coated boxes with high quality finishing
• All alarm monitoring including phase failure, overload reporting with diagnostics.
• Back Boxes simple to set up for second standby generator option
Alarm Systems
Patarker Paging Alarm
• Independent Wireless Alarm System
• 12 Programmable Zones
• Available in small, medium and long range applications
• Excellent where mobile phone services are limited
Fancom Back-Up Alarms
• Independence and reliance in its simplistic form
• 3 Phase Monitoring
• 1 zone, 8 zone and 16 zone control with battery back up.
Patarkers New Wireless Alarm System
An alarm and monitoring system without the need of any wires.

• Huge 122 x 92mm touch screen to view all sheds at once.
• Mains failure monitoring
• View temperature alarm log ( will display time stamp, alarm duration, min/max temperature for this alarm)
• Allows configuration of lower and upper alarm levels, as well as alarm delay for each sensor.
• Allows setting Time and Date
• System status, which gives overview of communications failure, low battery, or mains outage for each device in the system.
• Siren and Dialer output.
• Each shed will contain 8 relay functions which can be controlled remotely from the house. i.e. You can turn Fans, lights, pumps etc via a push of the screen.
• Sensors are digital thermometers and do not require calibration. No maintenance.
• System can be easily self installed, just mount the boxes, plug them in and lay out the sensors
• No License requirements.
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