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“19.8m (65Ft) wide Project”

In 2006/2007 Patarker equipped a 19.8m (65Ft) wide broiler shed for Peter Apap. Being one of the widest sheds in the region extra design detail was placed on this project and the results speak for themselves.
The use of Fancom Chimneys made this project possible. Minimum ventilation relies on the gradual increase of air exchange from the minivents to the exhaust system. Because the chimneys are placed in the centre of the shed, the approximate distance the air must travel is only half the width of the shed. During the first two weeks of the growing cycle Peter can keep the whole flock within 0.4 degrees.
Roxells new Haikoo oval pan has proven itself again on this project. Peter is very impressed with the performance of the pan right from the beginning. He made the following points;

• Very easy pan to start day olds. Birds are instantly eating from the floor comfortably.
• No feed wastage when windows are open or closed.
• Easy management and adjustment.
• Quickest pan to empty without having to take apart.
• The oval shape makes the pan easy and fast to wash.

This is only some of the basic tools needed for a successful shed. Please browse the rest of the project photos.

Front of Shed - 19.8m wide (65ft) Front Right View Front Left View Shed Rear - Titan Fans with covers Fancom Chimneys - Minimum ventilation Fancom Chimney - Closeup
Hired Hand hot air heater Mega Cool evaporative pads Entry door to pad area Patarker minivent blackout Patarker Control Cabinet Patarker Control Cabinet - Inside View
Fancom F38 controller Shed Temperature display - All 8 sensors within 1 degree at 31 days (32.6 degrees outside) Internal View Birds at 31 Days Rear view with back generator Roxell Haikoo Pan
Ziggity Big Ace drinkers Roxell Haikoo Pan - Easy to clean Fancom 24V Minivent Winches - Battery backed in case of power failure Benefits of 4 zones - Front left 52% open and Rear left 94% open Electric Drinker Winch Perfect Condition - 31 Days, 32.0 degrees outside temp.
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